Frequently asked questions about BMW – together with their answers.

Would you like to know more about BMW? Here you can obtain the answers, links and contact data.

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  • Can I order a BMW Owner’s Manual at a later date? And is this also possible if I have an older BMW car or motorcycle?

    Please contact your BMW dealer, who will be able to order the required Owner’s Manual for you.

  • Where can I obtain information and tickets for BMW Welt and other BMW establishments in Munich?

    You can obtain tickets for BMW Welt, the BMW Museum or a BMW Plant Tour at the Munich site and information for visitors from the BMW Welt information service by phoning +49 1802 118822 and by sending an e-mail to

  • How and where can I visit a BMW plant in Germany?

    At: - Production – Production worldwide – Plant Tours you can obtain all the information on BMW Plant Tours, both in Germany and worldwide. Please contact our BMW plants directly via the contact details on their respective homepages. Because of the high demand, we recommend that you register well in advance.
    In Germany:
    www. (In this case, tickets can be ordered via the BMW Welt Info Service)
    BMW Infoservice
    Tel.: +49 1802 118 822

  • I would like to test a BMW extensively. Is it possible to have a test drive over an entire weekend?

    Unfortunately, we cannot promise you any test drives over a lengthy period of time. Please contact an authorised BMW dealer of your choice. There you can discuss with the dealer whether it will be possible to provide you with a BMW model for a certain period of time and what the conditions will be.

  • Where can I obtain information on the history of BMW?

    At www. (or in the section “BMW Insights” under “History and Tradition”) you will be able to find information on the history of BMW, which dates back more than 80 years.
    In addition to this, you can order various book editions online at BMW Mobile Tradition. Here you will find a number of specialists authors who have put together unique documentary records of German engineering expertise with meticulous attention to detail.