Safety & comfort in the new BMW M4 Convertible.

In order to enjoy the most intensive form of driving fascination, one thing is essential: safety. In the BMW M4 Convertible, this is ensured by forward-looking technologies such as Adaptive Headlights or the outstanding stability provided by high-tech carbon. At the same time, the wind deflector and air collar guarantee all the comfort you expect from a BMW Convertible − even in the top performance range.

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M vehicle's ergonomic concept features the exclusive cockpit with M's characteristic driver orientation. All controls are consistently designed with a focus on the driver. As in racing, intuitive and absolute control over the vehicle is our priority, as is enabling the shortest possible reaction times.

Active and Passive safety


M cars come with a package of intelligent safety features aimed at minimising the risk of accidents – and for that great feeling of knowing one is always in safe hands. Highly robust, large-volume supporting structures and the intelligent use of ultra-high-strength multi-phase steel ensure maximum rigidity in the safety passenger cell, while keeping the overall weight to a minimum.
The impact of a collision is channelled away from the passenger cell to other parts of the car body, such as the undercarriage, side frames, front bulkhead or roof and is absorbed by deformation zones at the front and rear. In the case of a side-on collision, occupants are protected by strengthened structures in the area of the B-pillars and side skirts, highly rigid side impact protection in the doors, as well as a stable seat crossmember.
To better protect pedestrians, a shock absorber is built into the front area between the bumper and bumper cover, which reduces the severity of leg injuries in the event of an accident. In addition, the bonnet is fitted with deformation elements that form a crumple zoneand help absorb impact energy.
Active Protection is the BMW ConnectedDrive preventive passenger protection system. Active Protection warns the driver if it detects signs of tiredness. Safety belts are pretensioned in critical situations, electric seats are returned to upright positions (if the car has them) and the windows are closed. After an accident occurs, the brakes are automatically applied to bring the car to a standstill.

Comfort Access


Comfort Access enables access to the car without directly using a key. The equipment includes lighting in the exterior door handles, contactless opening of the tailgate and the ability to open and close the hard top from outside the car when a person with the car key is within proximity to the vehicle.

Adaptive headlights


Adaptive headlights with Bi-Xenon technology, variable city and motorway light distribution and BMW Selective Beam provide optimum illumination. While turning, the moving headlights allow the driver to see far into the corners ahead. To improve short-range visibility, the cornering lights (included in the equipment package) are automatically activated as soon as the indicator is switched on or the steering wheel is turned – even at a standstill. Adaptive headlights ensure optimum illumination of the road ahead whatever the situation and thereby significantly increase safety levels.

Wind deflector


The Wind deflector makes driving more pleasant for the driver and front passenger by providing effective protection from draughts at neck and shoulder-height, even when travelling at high speeds. The mesh construction spans the width of the seating area and increases driving comfort without disrupting the convertible experience. When the Wind deflector is not needed, it can easily be folded together and put away thanks to its collapsible sides. Its slim size means that it can be compactly stored in the luggage compartment, for example.

Air collar


The air collar ensures comfort when driving by pleasantly providing warmth for the head and shoulders. When the roof is open, the warming system integrated into the front seats regulates the temperature and amount of air based on the speed and outside climate. This allows passengers to enjoy riding in a convertible just as much as normally when speeding up and as the weather gets cooler.
The driver and front passenger can also individually choose from three different temperature levels. These three specific levels can be selected independently from the speed and outside temperature when the roof is closed. The air collar is operated via buttons on the convertible top switch integrated into the centre console. This means it can be easily controlled from both front seats.